Welcome to Star. (Star) – Journalistic News Portfolio

My name is Corey Lane and for 40 years I’ve worked as a magazine and tradepaper editor; a freelance journalist, and newspaper reporter. This work has been for various print and on-line publications worldwide.

In my time i’ve covered everything from IT and Telecoms to Nanotechnology, from sports to the arts, from nuclear energy and the environment to government and politics, from antiques to health issues, and from the law to education. This website is updated by me and my husband who I affectionately call ‘Star’ hense the name of the website being a combination of our specialist journalistic efforts.

We hope to gain an audience with our journalism work and eventually develop our own newspaper in our local city of York, United Kingdom. I’ve lived near Birmingham, England for 13 years. Before that I resided in the United States. I’m a freelancer and have a fully equipped home office. It’s where I work most efficiently and is my preferred workplace. But I can, and will, work assignments at your facility if that seems best suited to your needs. I can write from anywhere in the world, thanks to the Internet (and various airlines).

Recent articles include datelines from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, France, the USA, Canada. We are available for private hire if required at a rate of £40 per hour, please contact me via our contacts page for more information. Virtually any assignment you have in mind, I can turn into a feature article or book. Freelancing is my preferred way of working, and has been for nearly 30 years (and why not, it saves you all sorts of administrative expenses and it saves me a rich man’s ransom on laundry bills).

I operate from a centrally-located (you don’t get much more central in the UK than Birmingham) office. The office is fully equipped for “teleworking”. I run an ADSL line with a PC loaded with all the most recent software needed to do my work effectively and efficiently. It’s also equipped with printer, scanner and fax facilities. All of which means it’s unnecessary to be in any given physical location, not the publisher’s or the editor’s office, or that of the other writers.

I needn’t even be face to face with the subjects being covered. In recent years, using the Net, the phone, the fax, I’ve interviewed subjects and covered stories from Japan to Canada, from the USA to France, from Germany to… well you get the idea. That is not to say I won’t accept the occasional short-term gig in your office. Been there, done that and enjoy the change of scenery. As you would expect, having been in the business for almost 40 years, I’ve reached that point in my career where I don’t want to, nor do I need to accept every assignment offered. And, fortunately I am most certainly under no pressure to accept low- or slow-paying projects. For the speed, quality, versatility and commitment to meeting deadlines on offer, reasonable and prompt payment is required.

Having covered IT and Telecoms for some 20 years, I’m eager to diversify the subjects of writing. In pursuit of that goal, I’ve recently begun writing about Nano and other small technologies, Knowledge Management, Legal IT, Health issues and running machines. Given the very wide range of my writing and editing history, no subject should be considered outside my interest or ability. Editing books, magazines or Website content also are of great interest and within my capabilities. I hope to hear from you soon.

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